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Dear Friend,

Welcome to a NEW Era. A New Era where guys like yourself, Smitty and I are raging against The Pussification of Man Kind. You know exactly what Iím talking about, donít you?

Weíve got gyms that sound off sirens when someone grunts or dares lift more than a pair of 50 lb dumbbells. Men are checking their cell phones in between sets of leg extensions and checking their hair in the mirror after benching 95 lbs.

It has become accepted by society for man to be fat and weak. Itís time put an end to this B.S. and a movement is beginning.

By the way..... if you donít know who we are, let us explain briefly. Smitty and I are throwbacks in the world of strength and muscular development. We believe in training like a Bad Ass to become a Gladiator in mind and body yet our methods have been time tested through real world experience with a combined 40 + years of wisdom.

Check out just a few national publications Smitty and I have been featured in:

We wonít B.S. you either, what weíre talking about requires hard work. Other web sites will lie to you and tell you how easy it is to get results. NOT here. Honesty and awesome information is what youíre going to get here.

In fact, Iím willing to guarantee that the MOS workouts youíre about to put to the test are going to be the best damn workouts you ever experienced. Struggling for results in muscle building, strength gains and fat loss? Not anymore.

Do you want to experience what happens when two of the best in the field of strength and muscular development are giving you their BEST muscle and strength building workouts when it comes to transforming your body?

If youíre at all serious about kicking ass and taking names, youíve answered "YES!" Good, youíre the kind of person we want in our program and youíll be shocking your friends and family with your results.

"This MOS Challenge is the best these two have to offer..."

"After previewing 'The Man of Steel Challenge' I must say this is a program that should not be skipped. It is rare to get two of the nation's best strength and conditioning coaches together, sharing their proven thoughts and ideas to make a complete training system. This MOS Challenge is the best these two have to offer, nothing is left out."

"The MOS Challenge is a step by step, 12-week training system that covers every important aspect of a successful strength and conditioning program, from mobility drills, proper exercise execution along with the "hows and whys" you perform the techniques to ensure maximum success while keeping you injury free."

"After refining your technique this system will provide unique ways to integrate these exercises into programs that will challenge even the most seasoned trainee. James and Zach never disappoint and this product delivers what it says it will. The only thing keeping you from being a Man of Steel is YOU, so get this product now."

Doug Fioranelli

"OH SH*T SON!..ALWAYS Deliver"

"When I first found out that Zach and Smitty were putting together a muscle and strength building challenge the only thing I could do was come up with the typical phrase that most New Yorkers use when excited...OH SH*T SON! But on a serious note, Zach and Smitty are amazing at taking complex muscle building science and putting it together in programs that ALWAYS deliver and get tremendous results and in record time. If you are serious or curious...DON'T HESTITATE...jump on the Man Of Steel Challenge. I promise it will make a better and stronger man out of you!"
Nii Wilson
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Underground Strength Coach Certified

Itís time to put an end to the pussification of mankind and The Man of Steel Challenge is gonna be just the way to go. These workouts are NOT easy. Workouts are NOT supposed to be easy.

The Man of Steel Challenge is a unique, one of a kind training system that you have NOT experienced anything like before. A 12 week program that not every man will be able to conquer unless he is mentally focused and fired up to transform not just his body, but his spirit as well.

Does that sound like you?

If you answered YES! to the question then keep reading and weíll tell you whatís in store for you.

During your 12 weeks of training with The MOS Challenge you will get 1 video lesson and 1 manual for each and every week. Smitty and I will coach you through each video lesson and the weekly workout manual will be your easy to follow guide.

In fact, your first week of The MOS Challenge we hook you up with 2 videos instead of 1 plus your detailed workout manual. Each manual will give you the exact workouts to follow, detailed with exact sets and reps. The MOS workouts can be performed in a regular gym or in your garage. No fancy equipment needed at all.

Your Weapons of Mass Construction? A Barbell, Dumbbells, Bodyweight and Kettlebells. Most gyms nowadays have Kettlebells, and if they donít, NO worries, you can substitute the Kettlebell exercises for Dumbbells.

The majority of your training will be with the good olí basics: Barbells and Dumbbells.

As you can see, this is not some long, hyped up sales leter where we try to convince you to do something youíre unsure of. The MOS Challenge is reserved for REAL Men who want to elevate their success levels BIG time.

"The Man of Steel Challenge: The Ultimate System for Developing Steel Forged Strong As Hell, Ripped Muscle!"

Normally $147.00, now $67
Act NOW While Supplies Last! The Man of Steel Challenge is an instantly downloadable, 12 week program. The system comes with a master manual and 12 workout videos detailing every exercise.

Man of Steel is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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Youíll have two of the best Coaches in the industry taking you through workouts that deliver rapid gains in muscle, fat loss and strength. These gains in body will carry over to greater success in ALL other areas of your life. Smitty and I are with you every step of the way as you achieve something many are too scared to try.

A strong mind and body produce powerful results in all areas of your life. Smitty and I know because weíre both VERY successful at what we do. Success is not an accident, itís a habit and a skill that is honed.

If you wanted Smitty or I to create training programs for you every month with videos and detailed workout plans youíre looking at an investment of well over $ 197 from each of us.

If you want in and are willing to accept The Man of Steel Challenge then step right up. We love working with serious Dudes who are motivated to be more than the average man. It is time to become better than average and to challenge yourself again. The Man of Steel Challenge demonstrates over 135 exercises and the workout videos are over 3 hours in duration. Smitty and I are with you every step of the way!

Looking forward to helping you kick ass and take names!

Time to change your body and your life.

See you on the inside!

Dedicated to Your Success,

-- Smitty & Zach --

PS: Remember, these workouts do NOT require any fancy equipment, just the basics. You can follow the program in your home gym or at the local gym.

PPS: When Smitty and I reviewed all the videos and the manuals we KNEW, without hesitation, that The Man of Steel Challenge has been our best work ever. Weíre giving you our BEST, now itís time for you to give Yourself The Best.

NOTE: The Man of Steel System is a downloadable e-book and 12 downloadable videos. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and videos onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF and the videos are .wmv files, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.